T section of foils short hair $90
T section medium $100
T section long $110
Half head of foils short $130
Half head of foils medium $150
Half head of foils long $160
Full head of foils short $180
Full head of foils Medium $200
Full head of foils Long $220

Tint regrowth $90
Colour all over short $95
Colour all over medium $120
Colour all over long $140

Blow dry
Short $45
Medium $55
Long $60
Wash and cut $60
Style cut and blow dry $90
Keratin bond Extensions starting from $400 for half head to $1100 max for Full head.
Depending on the brand and how many strands. Some brands can be cheaper than others
Free consultation provided.
Full head of Extensions normally 100 to 140 strands

Last up to 5 months with great care.
*These are strictly Zanbagh’s prices. We have another senior Hairdresser who can do the services under my consultation charging our normal price list.