Zanbagh khalili


Zanbagh Khalili has been the quintessential passionate owner and director of the Velvet Room Hair & Beauty for over 8 years, providing professional and friendly services and creating tasteful, sensible, sophisticated and high-fashion looks for all Velvet Room clients.

With more than 15 years’ experience as a hairdresser and make-up artist, Zanbagh is an innovator and pioneer who knows what clients want. Zanbagh approaches hair and beauty with the utmost confidence and skill, creating and sculpting the most appropriate customised, chic and sophisticated look for each individual. Zanbagh’s success comes from her ability to focus on the complete picture and not just the facial features and shape of the face. When trying to determine the best look for a client, Zanbagh takes into account individual personality, personal style and lifestyle and believes that each quality should be synergistic to create a unique portrait of personal greatness.  All new clients receive a 10-15 minute consultation with Zanbagh.* 

In addition to completing her hairdressing apprenticeship and management qualifications, Zanbagh stands aside from the rest as she continues to challenge herself and develops her practical skills in line with the latest trends, attending and engaging in workshops and courses such as the following:

  • David Mallet Show 2017
  • Business Leaderships 2017
  • Paris fashion show 2016
  • Business Coaching 2015
  • Wella Colour and Cutting Course 2015
  • Tape Hair Extension Course 2014
  • Great lengths hair extension course 2010
  • Corrective Colour Workshop 2009 – La Biosthetique Paris
  • Ambassador Programme 2009 – Kerastase Paris
  • French Touch Trend Workshop 2008 – La Biosthetique Paris
  • Hair Care Retail Workshop 2008 – La Biosthetique Paris
  • Spring/Summer 2007/2008 Trend Workshop – La Biosthetique Paris

It was in Paris where Zanbagh honed her skills and specialised in foiling, colouring, cutting, styling, and keratin bond extensions.  Zanbagh has also been a qualified Make-Up Artist since 2004, with a Certificate of Fashion, Glamour & Bridal Make-Up-Artistry from the Napoleon Perdis Make-Up Academy.

With management qualifications and experience in some of the most prestigious salons, Zanbagh understands the significance of customer satisfaction in the development and maintenance of a successful salon. As such, Zanbagh is now dedicated to realising her vision of combining the luxury and prestige of a city salon with the comfort and convenience of a suburban salon.

Please see the Price List for Zanbagh’s rates which differ to those of the other senior hairdressers at the Velvet Room Hair and Beauty.